You may have noticed that Over-Communicate has consistently decreased in post frequency for the last few months. That is simply because I’m running out of material. I am a big fan of making sure that a social media presence stays alive and active, but I am an even bigger fan of not forcing a social media presence to stay alive with boring content. I don’t want to write a bunch of posts that I don’t care about just so I can make post quotas. I honestly see that this blog will come to a conclusion soon. I still get occasional inspiration for a new post, but it is coming increasingly fewer and farther between.

I’ve also got a few new things on my plate that are taking getting more attention than this blog. I just moved to Boston and am fervently searching for a job. I am living with some friends up here while I secure employment and then housing. Once I get that sorted out I will move my wife and son up here with me. Until then… I am busting my butt trying to find a job anywhere. With that said, if you feel like helping us out with our move, I would greatly appreciate your prayers and/or gifts (see how I put prayers in front of gifts so it makes me look like I’m not panicking about money?). You can make a donation HERE.

I also just started volunteering at my new church up here and am leading a small group.  This is the first time that I have been the leader of a small group, so please pray for my guidance and feel free to send me any pointers.

I really appreciate the people that regularly read this blog. Honestly. You guys are awesome. It was really overwhelming to see that people actually found what I had to say interesting and that they would come back and read my posts over and over. Thank you so much.