We are told in John 1 that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Upon continued reading of John 1 you can come to find out that the “Word” in this sense is, of course, Jesus. Jesus existed before the creation of the world because he actually is God. 

The Bible is also known as the Word of God. It is no accident that you are supposed to connect Jesus with the Bible. They are inseparable. When you speak of Jesus you are speaking of the Bible, and vice versa. 

This really struck me this morning while reading my Bible. We just got back in town from a road trip and, just as normally happens when you go on a trip, things have been a bit disorganized. In the process of coming back from North Carolina somehow my Bible ended up in the trunk of the car. When you live in a city going out to the car to get something is a big ordeal. It involves having to get fully dressed, going down a flight of stairs opening two heavy exterior doors, crossing a large parking lot, walking down the street, retrieving your object, and then repeating those steps. If it is snowing that is a whole different ordeal.

So, my Bible sat in the trunk for a few days. In the meantime I read Leah’s Bible, but honestly it wasn’t the same.

When I sat down to read this morning I said to my Bible “Hello, old friend.”

Then, it struck me… in a lot of ways the Bible has become my friend. Though it seems odd to feel that way about in inanimate object, this personification seems really appropriate. If Jesus, the Word of God, is inseparable from the Bible, the Word of God, I feel like it makes plenty of sense to have an interpersonal relationship with your Bible.

If I am going to have a “friendship” with my Bible, how does that friendship grow? I would suggest that it  grows in the same way that any other friendship does… through trials and tragedies and difficult circumstances. Nothing brings two people together like having them go through something difficult together. I would suggest the same about your Bible.

I wake up most mornings before 3am to go to work. During that time I usually read a chapter or two from the Bible to set my heart on God for the rest of the day. In a lot of ways this daily ritual is a necessity. Over the course of the day I will literally spiral down into despair if I don’t intentionally spend that time filling my heart with God’s Word.

If the old hymn is correct and we really do “have a friend in Jesus” I believe we could justifiably say “what a friend we have in Bible”.